Game Tables Disassembly

Professional Game Tables Disassembly Services in DMV

Dismantle Furniture is the best place to go for pool table and game tables disassembly and installation. The normal pool table consists of 3 pieces of stone, which will be covered with felt during the process. Generally, it would take a minimum of 2 strong workers in order to maneuver the heavy stone slates correctly. It is the kind of job that beginners most commonly have difficulty with. Even if they are healthy and strong, and there is also a big risk of injury here.

Disassembly specialists in Baltimore - Washington D.C. area

You might be able to manage installing an expert-quality game table in an adequate way. However, when you could just call our experts, trying to do it along is like going for a trick shot when the clear shot has just been right in front of your cue. Our professionals have installed and assembled thousands of game tables. We have a team of professional, knowledgeable, and experienced crews. They are strong enough to make the task a hundred percent, definitely 100%, safe, efficient, and accurate.

If you are planning to move your game table, we are also providing service for transporting these tables from one place to another and install and reassemble in the new location. There are lots of nuances to this process because the parts of games table are very sensitive. In addition, the table will have to be sturdy, level, and smooth. Our team of experts will ensure that games table will be delivered to its new location as good as new.

Dismantle Furniture works with all types of Game Tables

We also install poker, air hockey, football table, and shuffleboard games, among other table-based games. Our game table assembly and installation service are available for all types and brands of game tables. Safety, cost-effectiveness, sturdiness, and precision are our hallmarks. You will be able to consult with our professionals without any obligation 24 hours a day. Even if you are entirely missing the instructions, there is no need for you to have the appropriate tools. Perhaps a small piece of equipment is nowhere to be found, contact Dismantle Furniture.

Furthermore, our professionals have put together thousands of game tables, and they have knowledge on the efficient and easy solutions to just about all problems that you may encounter. The greater thing why choose us is that we are always updated on the different sorts of table games and game rooms selections, which are on the market today. Our professionals will talk with you during a free consultation. We can recommend the games that you or your children will love, as well as advising you regarding the possible safety concerns and answering any of your other questions with regards to building the perfect game room.

They also have enough experience and knowledge that they can exactly tell about how an item fits together with our price range. So even if you have lost the instruction booklet, it is never a big deal. No matter where you are in Washington DC, Northern VA, Southern PA, and Maryland, you can always rely on our game tables disassembly and installation service.
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