Pool Table Disassembly

Pool Table Disassembly Service 

 We believe that providing the highest level of service for our client is as important as that of the highest pool table products. Our service team includes experienced professionals who deliver exceptional workmanship. We will disassemble, move, and reassemble your pool table, ensuring that your table will be set up properly. We also offer impeccable workmanship and this is all because of our years of experience working with pool tables. Included in our experience is restoring antique pool tables. In addition, we can even recover your pool table. We know that billiard cloth has been replaced on your table at home. We have different colors and grades of cloth that you can choose from.

 More a slate pool table improperly may pose damage on the aprons, slate, rails, legs, and it can even cause personal injury. We are insured and licensed pool table mechanic with years of experience in the pool industry. There are commonly two parts of moving a pool table in a proper way. We will disassemble your pool table, remove the felt, rails, and slates carefully, and transport it to the new location. As soon as we have established the ideal position for your pool table, we will set it up! Professional service with the current felt, professionally and accurate leveling and aligning the rails and slates to ensure that it would play even better as compared to what you remember. Aside from that, we can also move your pool table for new flooring, to another location.


We can repair or re-glue the cushion rubber! If was detached from rail because of misuse, replacing the dead cushion that has been deteriorated possible because of age. Most of our recushioning jobs are done in conjunction with a refelt. If your felt was replaced recently or is still in good shape, please let us know because we will do our best to save your rail felt.


We can help you in replacing your torn, worn out, or faded pool cloth, or you can just choose a new color to give your older pool table a new fresh look. We install top quality workmanship to pool table with the combination of our training, experience, and expertise, along with the passion and dedication to provide you full satisfaction.

Setup and breakdown

Do you have a pool table that has been disassembled and stored and want to set it up again? We can definitely set it up for you. We will uncrate the slates if needed, and get it playing its best. Dismantle Furniture experts can also disassemble your pool table, removing the felt with utmost care so that you can use it again. Technicians will leave all the pieces to the pool table in the same room where it has been placed. We are also providing slate crating services. For the protection of slate during the long distance move or whenever using 3rd party moving company in moving your pool table.
 If you need effective and reliable pool disassembly service, kindly contact us now and tell us your concerns.
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