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Sofa Disassembly Service

Furniture or Sofa Disassembly Services in Washington DC - Baltimore

   If you are wondering how to narrow down your sofa or furniture and make it fit on your door, Dismantle furniture team will be your answer. We are the leading sofa and furniture disassembler who can provide you excellent disassembly services. We serve different location including Washington DC, Maryland and Northern VA. 

   Through our great services, there is no need for you to worry with your sofa and furniture because we will you helps it bring back to its functionality. Thus, we will provide you great idea which on how your items get out of your door and bring it on your new home or offices. We are reliable and professional furniture and sofa surgeon that always provide you our impressive help.  

Our sofa and furniture disassembly services include the following:

  • Sofas like sofa bed and daybeds
  •  Office furniture like work areas, desks and cubicles
  •  Pool tables
  •  Wall units 
  • Armoires
  • Entertainment Centers 
  • Beds like Murphy beds, Bunk beds as well as cribs 
  • Headboards 

   So if you decide to move on your new home or offices, Dismantle Furniture experts can offer you all-inclusive sofa and furniture disassembly services that suits in all of your commercial and residential needs. We will send the most expert surgeons that we have and they are very punctual to arrive in your property. Also, we ensure to you that we will provide high quality service that you will love and preserve the value and integrity of your items in a very nice manner.

   We know how stressful it will be when you decide to relocate. We are the perfect partner whom you can trust and coordinate with you properly. Our full disassembly services are available 24/7 and we will allow you choose the dates that are most convenient to you. Furthermore, we will also provide on-site estimates for the delivery of your sofa and furniture. We will compromise you that our services will work with great style and show the real art work on your property. 

Professional furniture disassembly and reassembly - same and next day service

   You have small doorways or spiral staircases that make difficulty to move the piece of sofa and furniture in your home, we are your best answer. With our furniture and sofa disassembly services, we can guarantee to that we specialize in this kind of career in which you have assurance that you will move conveniently. Through this process, you will no longer a need to struggle in moving since you have reliable disabler company on your side and ensure that your items are safe and your moving becomes easy. 

   Whatever sofa and furniture you have, we can ensure to you that you will receive the best service that you will not egret. Taking your furniture is easy for you to do but disassembling will be hard for you so leave this work from us. We will make your move become a simple process and ensure that you will benefit from our excellent service. In addition, we can compromise a very competitive price for our service in which you can save lots of money. So what are you been waiting for, contact us now and experience the service we are talking to you!
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